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> What are the best women's pajamas?

The best women’s pajamas are the ones that make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy! We have so many styles, that you're sure to find a great match. We use only the best materials, such as soft combed cotton, and a range of fit options, so you can always find the right pajamas for your preferences. If you like more form fitting styles, then you'll love our fitted pajamas, flapjacks, legging sets, and the thermal pjs. If you are more interested in loose fitting Pjs then nightshirts, or regular fit pjs will work best for you! And finally, if you like to sleep light and cool, then our tank & pajama shorts and our bermuda short sets will be perfect! Our cotton pajama designs are lively and funny with a ton of puns, cute critters, and vibrant colors to help bring the happy factor up a notch. Once you are wrapped up in our comfy and happy jammies you are sure to be relaxed to complete the trifecta!

> Where can I find matching pajamas for couples?

You can find cute matching pajamas for couples and families on our matching family pajamas page. We know there is nothing cuter than snuggle up with your BAE in matching jammies. We have tons of cute options for couples, including our onesies for extra snuggle factor.

> What are the coolest pajamas?

Pajamas are coolest when they’re relevant to your interests. Whether you’re in puppy love with a trending color or you have a favorite style of pajama, you can find one of a kind jammies for yourself and your family here at LazyOne. Packed with humor and designed with quality in mind, our jammies are cooler than cool!

> How do you look cute in pajamas?

It’s easy to look cute in pajamas when they’re designed to be fun, stylish and funny! Plus, you can go the matching route with your loved ones! You can do this by finally retiring that old pair of pajama shorts and random t-shirt to instead pick up a few matching pajama sets, nightshirts, or other options. In trending colors and styles, our women’s PJ selections are incredibly cute for day and nighttime wear. Trust us, you’re going to love how our pajamas look and feel!

> Why are pajamas called pajamas?

The word itself comes from the Hindi language with “pae jama” meaning leg clothing. The term and usage dates all the way back to the Ottoman Empire. Europeans took the term and the fashion of wearing the loose fitting pae jamas as night clothes and the word took over and now means any sleepwear! While we have modern variations like PJs or jammies, the word “pajamas” is an old word that goes back centuries.

The snuggle is real at LazyOne. We know if you could live in your PJs 24/7, you totally would, and we aren’t here to judge. Why would you ever need real pants again with our unbelievably comfy and cozy pajama pants for women at the ready! Looking for a onesie to be at one with your inner lazy girl? Need a pair of leggings you can pretend are real pants no matter what other people may think? We have you covered with our selection of women’s pajama sets.

If you’re a t-shirt and leggings kind of woman, our legging sets are right up your alley. Lounge in style with our leggings made of a special blend of super soft Lycra and cotton. With a thick waistband and drawstring, the leggings of these pajama set options give you all the comfort you need to chillax at home with the family. Don’t forget the contrasting ¾ length raglan sleeve women’s tops! These PJ shirts are stylish with a V-neck, rounded bottom hem, and fun designs that are absolute “moose-haves”!

What’s better than pajamas? Onesie pajamas! Get your caboose nice and toasty in our selection of Flapjack Onesies, Footeez, Hoodeez, and hooded onesies. Lounge in comfy style with our “beary” popular Flapjack Onesies, which draw inspiration from traditional long-john pajamas with a real functional back door flap! Take care of business without needing to totally undress. Uninterrupted coziness? What’s not to love?! The Footeez onesies also feature a flap on the behind. If you’d rather not have a flap, then our Hoodeez and hooded onesies are the right for you.

The only thing better than comfy pajamas you want to live in without shame are PJs with a sense of humor. If you are “Otterly Exhausted” of boring pajamas, let our designs give you a “Howl of a Night” in comfort and style to match your personality. We like to have fun around here and it shows in every design. Best of all, we have something for every season and holiday! Sure, we love the holidays just like everyone else, but our PJ selection goes far beyond the twinkle lights and sparkly presents! You better believe we love the great outdoors, from the rugged mountains to the shimmering sea. No matter what you or your family are all about, you can find stylish and humorous women’s options in this collection that will tickle anyone’s fancy. Our massive collection has something for everyone!

Sometimes, you just want the classics, which you’ll find in our thermal pajamas collection. When it’s cold as ice outside, you’ll want to cuddle up on the couch with your spouse and the kids. These women’s PJs are designed to fit like a second skin without feeling restrictive. The pajama set options include a scoop neck long-sleeve top and fitted bottoms to keep warm while looking stylish and trendy in cozy fashion. There are many different thermal PJ options here that coordinate with other popular jammie collections, like “Nordic Bear”, “Classic Moose”, and “Country Stripe”. You’ll get the “purrfect” fit for your pajamas and be able to match the kids and your spouse for family photos.

Our fitted pajama sets offer a more tapered feel that exists in-between our thermal and regular fits. If you feel like Goldie Locks when it comes to pajamas, we guarantee these will be just right. These jammies feature a fitted tee that is tapered along the sides to give a slight hug without the compression of our thermal pajamas. The pants are roomy but are fitted through the hips and thighs for a yoga pants type feel. The fitted PJ sets are just what you need for a day of R and R at home while the kids are at school or with the grandparents. Catch up on your favorite shows or dig into that new book in these super soft and stylish jammies! Some of our popular styles include “Moose Plaid”, “Bearly Awake”, and “Otterly Exhausted”.

For all the ladies who love a relaxed fit for their jammies, we’ve got you covered! Our women’s regular fit jammies are “Turtley Awesome” with a relaxed pants featuring a front pocket and drawstring waist, as well as a tee with straight side seams. Comfortable and flattering? Yes. Breathable and stylish? Also yes! We offer these pajama set options in a ton of popular themes too, so you can add these to your cart when shopping for the whole family. Relax with your crew on lazy weekends, snow days, or on vacation in these women’s pajamas.

Don’t sweat this summer with a heavy nightshirt weighing you down. Cool off in style with our women’s nightshirts in 100% combed cotton, giving you that good night sleep. Because hey, every lady needs her beauty rest, right? Stay fashionably comfortable in a variety of V-necks, one-size, flannel, and scoop neck nightshirts for those late-night binge-watching marathons. Not a nightshirt kind of gal? “Snow” worries! We also offer tank and shorts pajama set options as well as Bermuda short sets. These keep the “Bear Essentials” covered while providing that airflow you need to stay cool and comfortable while you sleep. With our designs at your fingertips, finding some fabulous and funny women’s pajamas for any time of year just got easier.

When the holidays roll around and you want the perfect pajamas to get your Fa Lalala on, we have you covered with all the “holiyay” spirit you need with our collection of flapjack onesies, syrup not included. Perhaps all you need this Christmas is the Bear Essentials or you want to be the Mane Attraction at the office holiday party. There was no dress code for that, right? These funny pajamas for women with a functioning trapdoor in the back leave nothing to be desired and everything to the imagination! Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle over finding the perfect thing to wear on Christmas morning or for that holiday pajama party you have oh-so been looking forward to. This selection of festive fashion is filled to the brim with playful prints and patterns sure to add to the season. With our women’s pajamas, you will be picture perfect for that annual family photo!

Why settle for just pajamas when you can cover up with one of our cozy fleece robes? We offer an array of warm and comfortable bathrobes with Sherpa trim and two roomy pockets for stashing snacks for when you’re too tired or lazy to get off the couch. Plus, they’re “beary” cute in family photos, so it’s a total win-win! We also feature warm and toasty footwear options like socks and slippers, so no feet are left frozen on chilly days! Many of these match our PJs too, so you can create a totally “pawsome” look all in one place. Love getting good shuteye? Who doesn’t, right? Our sleep masks are the perfect addition to your new pajamas, so that annoying beam of morning light doesn’t interrupt your “booty” sleep. With over a dozen super stylish sleep masks, you can easily find one for yourself and pick another for a girlfriend!

Not only is this collection of women’s pajamas and sets great for your closet, but it’s ideal for gifting too! Shop these comfortable jammies for your teenage or adult daughters, as well as other family members, friends, co-workers, and more! We stock a range of sizes, so you can easily find the appropriate options for your recipients. They’ll be howling with joy when they open your gift for the holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions.

One thing is for sure about LazyOne pajamas – we don’t “moose” around when it comes to quality! While we love our puns, we love providing customers like you with the “beary” best in pajamas on the market. All of our jammies are pre-shrunk so you don’t wind up with itty bitty PJs after drying them with the rest of the family’s clothes. They’re also specially printed, so our designs are permanent and guaranteed to not fade. Pinky promise! Even after dozens of washes, your women’s pajamas will look and feel as good as new.

The best thing about our women’s pajamas is that they allow you to connect with your little ones in the comfort of your own home. By matching with the kiddos in comfy jammies with silly sayings, you’ll be able to relax and truly spend precious time with them and your spouse. Life is busy, we know! That’s why matching family pajamas are such an easy and fun way to bring the family together after a day of school and work. As the family winds down, hopping into matching PJs while cuddling on the couch together is the best way to end the day. Even on the weekends, they’ll help you make memories as you cook breakfast together, play in the living room, hang out on the patio, or however else your family enjoys spending moments together.

Shopping for the whole family? Start a new and silly tradition by exploring our selection of family matching pajamas today! Still waiting for the inspiration to strike? Take a look at this month’s bestsellers to see if anything speaks to your sense of humor and slapstick sense of style right here in our collection of pajamas for women. Love a good deal when you see one? Us, too! Check out our clearance section for all of our best deals on cozy comfort.

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