Kids Pajamas, and Accessories

Warm & Cozy, Fun & Stylish Pajamas for Kids

> What fabric should I use for pajamas?

When it comes to pajamas, you want them to be comfortable and breathable. Whether you’re lounging or sleeping, feeling hot and stuffy is a no-go! Cotton is an excellent fabric for pajamas, as it’s soft, comfortable, and allows your skin to breathe. At LazyOne, we use 100% Combed Cotton for our pajamas, so you and the pack will feel great in them for all day wear or while sleeping.

> How do I make my pajamas cute?

The best way to make pajamas cute is by choosing options that take the latest styles and make them unique. For example, family matching pajamas and onesies are in right now. At LazyOne, we offer a huge selection of cute pajamas that pack of ton of punny personality. It’s also important to choose pajamas that feel cute to you and your family. Do your boys or girls love dinosaurs or unicorns? Let them choose jammies that feature their favorite animals (real or mystical) in cute styles that you’ll find here in our selection.

> What do they call pajamas in England?

In England, they call pajamas “pyjamas.” Each are technically correct spellings of the word according to the Oxford English Dictionary. In fact, many other English-speaking country use the “pyjamas” spelling. Another word for PJs that they use in the UK is “jim jams,” which is a lot like our “jammies.”

> What are the coolest pajamas?

The coolest pajamas are the ones that make you and your little ones feel comfortable and stylish! This is totally based on preference, as your crew might think beach themed jammies are the coolest whereas others are all about the camp and mountain themed PJs. Ask yourself what kinds of things your family enjoys together. Spending time outdoors? Riding horses? Watching fantasy TV shows? Once you’ve answered these kinds of questions, finding the coolest pajamas for your crew will be a snap!

We know getting the kids all settled in bed can feel like a chore some nights. After a funny movie or yummy snack, one of the last things they’ll want to do is end the fun. Bed time doesn’t have to be a headache with our cute kid’s pajamas! With options for the whole gang, it’s easier than ever to give them some PJs they will actually want to put on instead of fighting you about it.

From infants and toddlers to your bigger little ones, our collection of funny kid’s pajamas has something for every brood and every mood. With rompers, onesies, matching sets, our Bear Cheeks flapjacks, and more, finding the right style for your gang is easy! Even as the seasons change, we offer a great selection of warm and cold weather options, so boys and girls feel comfortable all night long. All of these pajamas are made with high-quality materials for a soft, comfortable option sure to last until the next growth spurt.

Short Sleeves Pajamas Sets

Our short sleeve pajamas are ideal for spring and autumn. When the weather is a little warmer, sleeping in long sleeves might make the kiddos unbearably hot! We all want our little rascals to sleep through the night, which is why comfort is key. These pajamas feature short-sleeve tops that come with their own pair of matching pajama pants. They’re available in cute designs, such as manatees, unicorns, bears, labs, and llamas.

Long Sleeves Pajamas Sets

When those temperatures drop, it’s time to get warm and cozy! Long-sleeve pajamas are a great choice for the winter months of the year, especially for boys and girls who moose around a lot in their sleep. These pajamas will keep your crew warm enough to fall asleep soundly. Choose a pair with a funny saying, such as "Don't Moose With Me" or one with your child's favorite animal. You’ll find bears, moose, dinosaurs, pigs, sloths, horses, and other fun and silly critters on these pajamas. Knit cuffs add comfort and some style to the sleeves.

Tail and Hooded Blankets

Tail blankets are perfect for relaxed mornings on the couch with a book or watching a favorite show. Mermaids, sharks, and other designs are sure to please your child. Hooded blankets even double as fun dress-up clothes. Let their imaginations run wild with these hooded blankets that allow them to feel just like their favorite animal. Choose from a tiger, dinosaur, pink horse, and more! Many of them even coordinate with our pajamas. When it’s bed time, they can scurry to their rooms and bed down in these cozy blankets.

Don't Forget to Accessorize

Take your quest for funny kids' pajamas up a notch with some awesome, too-cozy boots. Choose from unicorns with fluffy rainbow manes, furry sloths, or curious little kitties. Girls and boys will love wearing these soft, comfy boots to go along with their cuddly and fun pajamas.

Kids of all ages just want to have fun? No, boys and girls of all ages just want to have puns! With our punny kids pajamas at the ready, let their sense of humor come out to play. Whether they are Bearly Awake or Almoose Asleep, these jammies are full of fun punnery! Does your little one love all things beachy? Let them set sail in their own No Wake Zone with manatees or Sea You in the Morning with mermaids. Do you need the Forest to Be With You at bedtime as an exhausted parent of a wild child? We help your little one find their inner Happy Camper with nature-related options for those Born Wild and looking for a Howl of a Night before drifting off in a Field of Dreams. Whether they are a Monster in the Morning or having Sweet Dreams of cupcakes or living a strictly Donut Disturb way of life, these fun pajamas are sure to make bedtime more enjoyable for all involved.

Looking for sleepwear perfect for the holidays or colder months? We have enough here to make your gang yell Fa La La Llama under the Moosletoe! From polar bears for your kid who is Too Cool to Lights Out with festive strings of lights, find the perfect Christmas ready jammies for your little elves! These holiday themed pajamas are perfect for annual family photos too, so you can continue the tradition or begin a new one with your little ones!

We also offer little extras to make sleep even dreamier. From hooded blankets and tail blankets to our playful Critter Pets, we have everything you need to make bedtime a good time! Order these pajamas for your boys and girls today!