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Christmas Family Pajamas and Matching Family Collections

On the night before Christmas, the most important thing to wrap is you! Bring all the warmth and comfort of home to your holidays with Christmas pajamas by LazyOne. When it's time to dream of sugarplums, the right pajamas are essential for nestling snugly. Our funny holiday PJs bring sass to your season and Yule to your tide, with the original designs, bold colors, and clever characters your whole family will love! Christmas is a special time of year and you definitely want to make the most of it. With our festive family pajamas, slip into something sure to up your festive game. Whether you are shopping for a family of 3 or shopping for the extended family, there is a holiday PJ here to help you say ho ho ho holidays are here!

Matching Christmas Pajamas for Families

Don’t you want to show your festive side in style? Elf course you do! Now you can sleigh all the way to sleep with the whole family in our matching Christmas PJs. From cozy fleece and thermal to nightshirts, Yule look great in our festive matching family pajamas for all. For a really fun take on winter hibernation, add a matching family set of our Flapjack pajamas. These are playful and offer nothing but the Bear truth, Bear bottom that is! We have your good night to all covered in style. Is there anything better than comfy, cozy jammies with a big dose of festive cheers? Absolutely not! Whether you are having a family holiday movie marathon the couch, baking Christmas cookies, or cuddling up next to the tree on a cold night, these Christmas pajama sets let you ring in the holiday season with plenty of festive cheer to spare!

Made with soft material you will love snuggling up in our adult and kids Christmas PJs are sure to be a present under your tree this season. These pajamas are so soft it is like a hug from Santa! Aside from the softness, the pajamas we offer are sure to light up your night as you wait for Santa and his reindeer. Are your little ones Yeti for bed? Do you want to Have Your Elf a Merry Christmas? From festive plaid moose to trains for Dad, you are sure to find a style perfect for the holiday season right here. Make sure your little gumdrops sleep through the reindeers on the roof with sizes and styles ranging from infant and toddler all the way to youth sizes.

Our Top Holiday Designs - Select Your Favorite Set

There are so many cute matching Christmas pajamas to help you bring in the season with cheer. With so many to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. Let’s uncover that holiday spirit and cheer by shining some twinkle lights on some of the fan favorites of so many families.

Don’t Open till Xmas Pajama Set

Green and red are classic colors for festive season. This family Christmas pajama set is popular for the colors and the wonder-like sense of play they bring. We all remember that feeling of looking at the presents under the tree in anticipation, waiting for your parents to wake up and tell you to start tearing into the shiny wrapping paper. These jammies give that same sense of excitement and holiday fun!

Tailgate Pajama Set

For another classic take on Christmas jammies, the tailgate collection is sure to put some holiday junk in the trunk. These matching family pajamas for the whole family feature a black and white plaid with a flapjack bottom sure to keep your caboose on the loose! The red truck toting the family’s fresh cut Christmas tree from the farm to the house is a classic holiday symbol of the season.

Sweet Cheeks

The holidays are all about the sweets! From sugar plums dancing in your head to gingerbread men dancing away with your waistline, the sugar rush is on in full speed during the holidays. Our Sweet Cheeks collection is one of our most treasured designs for the season. Bake in some holiday sweetness with this cheeky collection.

Lights Out

Is there anything more festive than a string of Christmas lights? We think not! The holiday season is all aglow when this mischievous reindeer gets tangled up in a string of holiday lights. It may be lights out time for your little ones, but the holiday fun will magically reappear each time you wear these cute Christmas PJs.

Moosletoe Collection

A rustic Christmas PJ with plenty of cheery charm? Add these jammies to the nice list! Get caught under the mistletoe with this cute moose always ready for a cuddle. The pattern has festive trees on the pants for even more holiday feels. Let this design amoose your whole family all season long!

Yeti for Bed

We love puns around here. Make sure the whole family is Yeti for Bed with these cute Christmas PJs! This lovable yeti brings some fun to the winter chill for something your little ones will actually want to wear. Ending the bedtime struggle of getting into their jammies? Talk about a Christmas present for tired parents everywhere!

Special Delivery

Get ready for a special holiday delivery with these cute Christmas jammies! These holiday pajamas are as festive as it gets with their red and green stripes and playful flapjack opening. These jammies are sure to be your holiday jam for the whole gang.

Regardless of which collection speaks to your Christmas-loving heart, we have your entire family covered with the cutest, comfiest, most festive pajamas possible to ring in the season. Not only do you have plenty of options in terms of the design or pattern, you also have options on the type of jammies. Are you looking for onesies for the entire family or our signature flapjack style? Do you love the comfort of a two-piece thermal set for those cold wintery nights? Are you a rebel who likes to wear a nightshirt to ring in the holidays your own way? Whatever you prefer in terms of fit or style, we are pretty sure Santa left it here just for you!

Don’t forget to accessorize for maximum festive cheer and comfy coziness! The right socks and slippers complete the cozy look while giving you some extra heat on cold winter nights. Is there anything better than a super soft and comfy blanket that matches your holiday pajamas? Absolutely not! Wrap up and achieve maximum holiday cozy with one of our many blankets. For the little ones, you will find extra ways to bring the holidays to life such as matching stuffed animals or fun hand cover claws to give them even more fun. We even have matching options for Fido. Your pooch already thinks of himself as the main present in your life. Now, you can give them the jammies they need to really feel important. Whether looking for Christmas PJs, something for Fido, or cute pairs of holiday socks for the entire family, find it here with our nice list of holiday styles.

When you want to say ho ho ho in style and cozy comfort, this collection of matching family PJs is a gift the whole family will love! Order today and add some much-needed holiday spirit to your next sleep! If you have any questions while shopping our cute and cozy Christmas jammies, please reach out. Our little elves are always happy to answer your questions.

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> Why do people wear matching pajamas on Christmas?

There are so many great reasons to wear matching pajamas for the holidays. Here are just a few good reasons to make your Christmas a matching look:

Matching Family Pajamas are cute!

If you have eyes, you already know these holiday pajamas are super cute. They can take even the biggest Grinch and turn them into a raging holiday cheer spreader. Even if your family doesn’t have a secret Grinch in the mix, these holiday pajamas are simply adorable and help bring even more Christmas cheer to this special season. Besides, is there anything cuter than your little ones in matching jammies? We think not.

Christmas family pajamas make for wonderful photo ops! Do you want to make all the other Instagram mommies jealous? Are you looking for a sweet Christmas card idea to send to your relatives? Are you just looking to capture some family candid shots of baking cookies with the little ones in their matching jammies? Whatever the reason for the picture, these matching pajamas make any moment even more magical for a season you are sure to cherish.

Matching family pajamas start the season off right!

Are you looking for a sweet family tradition to help up your family’s festive game? Handing out matching PJs after Thanksgiving dinner is a sweet tradition to get the season started right. Even if you are a die-hard believer that the festive season doesn’t start until December 1st, you can still start this fun tradition with your family. This tradition is great for when your kids are growing each year and need new holiday jammies. They are sure to experience maximum festive mode with their very own holiday PJs.

Family Christmas pajamas make bedtime easier!

Every parent knows the struggle. You tell your child to get ready for bed and your sweet little gumdrop turns into an angry abominable snowman. With our matching Christmas PJs, they will actually want to get ready for bed. These jammies are fun and comfy to help end at least one part of the eternal bedtime battle in your house.

It is a bonding experience!

As most parents know, you will likely only get 18 Christmas mornings with your children. These years go by faster than Rudolph pulling Santa’s sleigh on a Christmas Eve deadline. Wearing matching pajamas can create a bonding experience for your children through the years that they are sure to remember long after they leave the nest. Even if you don’t have children, wearing matching holiday pajamas as a happily married couple is still a bonding experience worth enjoying.

> How much are matching pajamas for Christmas?

There is no one price quote for your family because every family is different. While you may be shopping for just a family of three, others may be shopping for a larger bunch that includes the kids, grandparents, aunts, the dog, the neighbor next door, and anyone else as you go a little holiday shopping crazy. The good news is that our pajama sets are so affordable with incomparable quality!