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Adult Onesie Pajamas

Get your cozy on in style with the right sleepwear! In fact, our comfy onesie pajamas are so enjoyable you will want to wear them for occasions other than sleeping. Perfect for cuddling on the couch, relaxing by the fireplace, or running a few errands (we aren’t here to judge), these jammies are always ready for whatever.

If you think onesies are pretty basic or come in only one type, you are about to have an education on Cozy 101. Let’s start the lesson with our Footeez which offer the more common style people think of for adult onesies. With long sleeves and bottoms that cover the feet as well for maximum coziness, this style is comfy and makes you feel like a little kid again in the best way! Next up, we have the Hoodeez style. Does your head always get cold when you are chilling? Worry no more! This style has a hood included to keep your head warm and it has the covered feet so you are pretty much wrapped up like a comfy, cozy burrito of happiness from head to toe. Do you like a warm head but hate sweaty feet? There is truly a onesie for everyone! Our hooded onesies, not to be confused with our Hoodeez, leave your hoofs bare so you can run wild.

We saved the best for last in our onesie lesson. The flapjack style is always a crowd-pleaser. When looking for a cheeky choice that is cute and funny at the same time, this is one of the best adult onesie pajamas on the scene. With a flapjack bottom opening near the backdoor with cheeky sayings, and the overall comfort and softness you expect from onesies, this option is fun and functional, especially on those cold winter nights when you need to make a midnight bathroom run and stay warm.

No matter which type strikes your cozy fancy, this lesson on Cozy 101 will point you in the right direction. Now that you are informed enough to make the right decision, shop our selection of adorable options sure to help you pass the cozy test. From holiday-themed options to patriotic prints, we have something for every mood and season!