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Welcome to the natural world of all things sleepwear: pajamas, matching family sets, and so much more! We’re all about working with those who want to make the world a better place through better sleep and better environmental consciousness!
When you wear high-quality, well-made pajamas created with care, did you know they can improve your sleep? Additionally, we believe that PJs and matching family pajamas and pajama sets should be as fun to wear as they are to sleep in. Whether you’re looking for the latest, most stylish in pajamas today, cloud-soft robes, sink-into slippers, or anything seasonal, mood and personality inspired—we’re here to help you make bedtime and lounging more comfortable and more appealing than ever.
One of the most critical aspects of our health and wellness, no matter what age, is getting a great night’s sleep. Our mission is to not only bring a lot of laughter and smiles to you, your family, and your little ones—but to help all of our customers feel comfortable from the inside out. That’s why we ensure that the materials we create our pun-filled, adorable, cozy pajamas and pajama sets with are nothing but the best. We design with 100% combed cotton and polyester fleece lining, making our pajamas feel smooth and comfy against the skin.
We ensure that we use only the highest-quality azo-free dyes for each of our products to ensure we’re helping the at-‘moose’-phere and keeping our customers safe while our PJs remain beautiful and vivid in color and style.


Our pajamas are a popular choice for so many great reasons. PJs provide the utmost comfort because our superior cotton and polyester fabrics offer a natural softness, but your pajamas don’t have to be plain or boring, either. We’re all about embracing the joy of laughter and the things which we love, which make us unique at any age!
It’s easy to create fun, memorable bedtime routines for the kids and yourself, too! Did you know that making pajamas as part of a bedtime routine can help improve sleep quality and duration? Not only that, of course, but on a day off and when you’re doing a self-care day or a staycation, there’s no denying the ultimate comfort a good pair of pajamas can bring.
When it comes to pajamas and all things sleep, you’ve found the right place! We love that we’re helping thousands around the globe to create unforgettable family moments as well as making little one’s dreams come true with the perfect set of pajamas.
When it comes to PJs your kids will love wearing and getting into, we have a wide variety of pajamas they will undoubtedly love! Starting with a great selection of styles from Onesies, long sleeves, short sleeves, PJ short sets, Kid Joggers, Boy’s and girls’ pajamas, and including sleep accessories like blankets, footwear, and even critter pets, you can find the perfect night’s sleepwear for your kids.
Let your little ones be the Unicorn they’ve always dreamed of, or roam around the house as a little bear. You’ll find charming sets of pajamas with the cutest puns that they’ll love ‘beary’ much!

Matching Pajamas

Matching one another as a family unit is now simple and easy, thanks to our specialty family pajamas. Our matching sets showcase our most beloved and hilarious designs. Whether you are looking for the perfect matching family pajamas to create one-of-a-kind photo moments throughout the years or specific holiday cheer, we’ve created one of the largest collections of pajamas on the market today just for you!
Are you about to embark on your dream vacation? We’ve got the collection for that in our delightful Spring and Summer collections for the entire family. Are you searching for something for the 4th of July? We’ve got adorable matching family pajamas—stripes, stars, and the classic stars and stripes perfect for celebrating the day with.
When it comes to matching family pajamas—Christmas is where you’ll find we’ll be your one-stop shop for the pajamas you need! Super cozy matching family Buffalo Plaid, Moose Plaid, Evergreen Plaid, Sweater Bear, Lights out, and so much more for all kinds of family aesthetics and style to mix and match.
Of course, when we say we have the largest selection of matching family sleepwear, we mean every member of the family, including our four-legged furry families! You don’t need to be left out when it comes to pajamas that match when it comes to being a dog mom, as our absolutely loveable matching family pajamas with dog collection will have everyone covered.
No matter what occasion, what holiday, what moment you wish to capture, we want to help you make it one that you’ll always cherish throughout the years. So whether you are looking for matching family sets, matching family sleepwear, accessories, or more, at LazyOne, we are so proud to offer environmentally conscious, superior pajamas for all families, big or small.
If anyone understands the value of coziness, you can rest assured it is us! But there’s so much more to what we do. We deeply believe in the power and spirit of family time and how important it is to create lasting memories with those we love, and our number one priority is to help make that happen for you. When you want to create a loving family tradition, we’re here to help with all those special moments in your life. It’s why we love what we do!
Of course, we offer more than just the pajama, too, exploring all of the wonderful items that make lounging and family time so special. You’ll find that we have a fun and dreamy-soft collection of blankets, long johns, bathrobes, slippers, cute stuffed animals, drinkware, and even branch out into cozy potholders and oven mitts. Everything we provide has been carefully designed and constructed with the highest quality to ensure that you’ll always find the perfect item to make a wonderful gift for any occasion.
Comfort and time spent together is a beautiful way to bring new experiences and meaning into your world, and we are so humbled to help create that with you. Are you ready to create unforgettable moments with us? Take advantage today of our complimentary free shipping on orders over $75 within the U.S. when you fall in love with and order our pajamas, and sign up for our email newsletter to get a sneak peek into our new releases, upcoming sales, and so much more!
Curious about pajamas or items? Reach out to us today! Contact us via the website or call us at (435) 554–3152. Our excellent customer service team can ‘bearly’ wait to assist you!

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That's why we're continually striving to help the at"moose"phere by:
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Working only with those factories that have sound environmental policies.

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Displaying our products with hangers and hang tags made from recycled or recyclable paper.

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Dyeing our fabrics with azo-free dyes.