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Women's Pajamas & Sets

Comfy, Fun & fashionable. That's the LazyOne Lifestyle.

Additional Women's Products

> What are the best women's pajamas?

The best women’s pajamas are the ones that make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy! We have so many styles, that you're sure to find a great match. We use only the best materials, such as soft combed cotton, and a range of fit options, so you can always find the right pajamas for your preferences. If you like more form fitting styles, then you'll love our fitted pajamas, flapjacks, legging sets, and the thermal pjs. If you are more interested in loose fitting Pjs then nightshirts, or regular fit pjs will work best for you! And finally, if you like to sleep light and cool, then our tank & pajama shorts and our bermuda short sets will be perfect! Our cotton pajama designs are lively and funny with a ton of puns, cute critters, and vibrant colors to help bring the happy factor up a notch. Once you are wrapped up in our comfy and happy jammies you are sure to be relaxed to complete the trifecta!

> Where can I find matching pajamas for couples?

You can find cute matching pajamas for couples and families on our matching family pajamas page. We know there is nothing cuter than snuggle up with your BAE in matching jammies. We have tons of cute options for couples, including our onesies for extra snuggle factor.

> Why are pajamas called pajamas?

The word itself comes from the Hindi language with “pae jama” meaning leg clothing. The term and usage dates all the way back to the Ottoman Empire. Europeans took the term and the fashion of wearing the loose fitting pae jamas as night clothes and the word took over and now means any sleepwear! While we have modern variations like PJs or jammies, the word “pajamas” is an old word that goes back centuries.

The snuggle is real at LazyOne. We know if you could live in your PJs 24/7, you totally would, and we aren’t here to judge. Why would you ever need real pants again with our unbelievably comfy and cozy pajama pants for women at the ready! Looking for a onesie to be at one with your inner lazy girl? Need a pair of leggings you can pretend are real pants no matter what other people may think? We have you covered with our selection of women’s pajama sets.

The only thing better than comfy pajamas you want to live in without shame are PJs with a sense of humor. If you are “Otterly Exhausted” of boring pajamas, let our designs give you a “Howl of a Night” in comfort and style to match your personality. We like to have fun around here and it shows in every design. Best of all, we have something for every season and holiday!

Don’t sweat this summer with a heavy nightshirt weighing you down. Cool off in style with our women’s nightshirts in 100% combed cotton, giving you that good night sleep. Stay fashionably comfortable in a variety of V-necks, one-size, flannel, and scoop neck nightshirts for those late-night binge-watching marathons. With our designs at your fingertips, finding some fabulous and funny women’s pajamas for any time of year just got easier.

When the holidays roll around and you want the perfect pajamas to get your Fa Lalala on, we have you covered with all the “holiyay” spirit you need with our collection of flapjack onesies, syrup not included. Perhaps all you need this Christmas is the Bear Essentials or you want to be the Mane Attraction at the office holiday party. There was no dress code for that, right? These funny pajamas for women with a functioning trapdoor in the back leave nothing to be desired and everything to the imagination! Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle over finding the perfect thing to wear on Christmas morning or for that holiday pajama party you have oh-so been looking forward to. This selection of festive fashion is filled to the brim with playful prints and patterns sure to add to the season.

Why settle for just pajamas when you can cover up with one of our cozy fleece robes? We offer an array of warm and comfortable bathrobes with Sherpa trim and two roomy pockets for stashing snacks for when you’re too tired or lazy to get off the couch.

Shopping for the whole family? Start a new and silly tradition by exploring our selection of family matching pajamas today! Still waiting for the inspiration to strike? Take a look at this month’s bestsellers to see if anything speaks to your sense of humor and slapstick sense of style right here in our collection of pajamas for women.