A few things are utterly frustrating when it is supposed to be time for you to be relaxing in bed, unwinding, and drifting off to sleep. One of the most frequent factors is being overheated and sweaty. If you wake up hot and sweaty overnight as if your body was trying its best to impersonate a sauna, you aren’t alone, at least.

Sleepwear in hot weather

Being a hot sleeper or trying to sleep when it is hot outside can affect the quality of your sleep. If you constantly have to throw blankets off during a hot spell, then wake up to find them and pull them back on, to adjust fans, having to go through different sheets and blankets, you’re not having a good night’s sleep.
We’re here to give you some tips to make your rest a little less like a steam room and a little more comfortable with everything, from tips for cooling down for hot sleepers and the perfect pajamas for hot sleepers. So please turn on your fans, grab an iced coffee and let’s begin!

Tips for Cooler Sleep

What’s In a Bed?

The materials you sleep against every night may be contributing to your uncomfortable temperatures. What materials were used to create your bed? Is it made of foam, latex, innerspring, or something else? If you are sleeping on a foam issue, one of the common issues is that if it is a traditional memory foam bed or older memory foam bed, they often get stuck in the same sleeping position within the foam.

hot sleeping in pajamas

When they do, they begin to feel warmer and warmer as they sleep. Check the materials of your mattress and consider if investing in a cooling topper or a specially designed cooling mattress will help.

What Kind of Sheets?

Materials or fabric of the items you use to sleep on and sleep with are essential and a significant factor in sleep temperature. Just as the material of the bed you are sleeping on is crucial, what fabric you choose for sheets can impact you as well. Here are a few examples of bad-news sheets that hot sleepers should avoid using, especially during summer.
1. Fleece. While soft and fuzzy these sheets may be, these are made to be warming. Most people employ fleece sheets only during the coldest winters or temperatures to ensure you stay nice and toasty. As a hot sleeper, that is the last thing you’ll want, especially in the middle of summer! Fleece traps heat, so fold those fleece sheets up or put them away.
2. Flannel. There’s a reason why flannel is not a regular fashion choice in hotter or tropical climates. Just like fleece, flannel is meant to trap and create pockets of air between the fabric fibers. Those trapped pockets are heated by your body and are also excellent insulators. Flannel retains a lot of body heat and is just going to make you feel hotter and hotter.
3. Jersey is not a good choice for a hot sleeper either. Jersey, while very soft, is made with a touch of synthetic polyester, which makes them stretchier and more durable but hotter. Again, jersey sheet fabric is made to trap air and trapped air, making you warm.

silk sheets

4. Silk sheets. Ah, silk. You think this luxurious, slippery, and soft material would appear light and cool enough for the hottest sleeper or hottest temperatures. Still, this material gets its smooth, shimmering finish due to a very tight-knit weave. This weave is not breathable and, again, locks in your body heat.

How’s That Pillow?

Waking up with your hair plastered to your face, head, and neck while it is covered in sweat is no way to sleep. If you’re a hot sleeper, it might be a good idea to double-check what material has been used to stuff your pillow and what fabric the pillow cover consists of. Certain products trap and keep the heat next to your skin.

Quick Tips for More Coolness

  • Always use a box fan to your advantage. Setting it up to blow hot air out of your room might help, or you can point it to you. Additionally, some people use a cold water mister or set a bowl of ice behind the fan for an even chillier breeze.
fan with ice

• Take an ice pack to bed with you. Ice packs or gel packs under your pillow or in bed with you can feel fantastic. Place it on your pulse points, wrists, neck, and so on for a quick refreshing cool down.
• Take the coldest bath or shower you can stand before getting into your pajamas and bed.
• Avoid cuddling—too much. We know, we know, there’s not much better than cuddling with the one you love, but sweating all over yourself? You’re probably very tired of that already, and you’ll feel much cooler without more body heat.
• Make sure you keep your bedroom cooler by keeping all sunlight and heat out during the day.

The Best Pajamas For Hot Sleepers

And finally, last, but very not least—what fabric are your pajamas made from? Pajama materials can often mirror sheet fabrics and can come in flannel, jersey knit, polyester, silk, satin, rayon, fleece, nylon, or fabric blends made from these materials. Most of these are synthetic materials that range from abrasive to trapping heat. For example, some of the materials, like nylon, are made to be water-resistant but have properties that tend to trap odors and cause chaffing.
The best pajamas for hot sleepers will have these two features: they will be made from 100% combed cotton knit or combed cotton weave. Cotton’s absorbent properties mean it wicks away moisture from your body and skin and allows air to circulate through the fabric’s weave. As the air circulates, the water evaporates, which is cooling, while this all-natural fiber allows your body heat to escape quickly.


Additionally, cotton can absorb up to 27 times its weight in moisture, keeping it off and away from your skin for a more excellent, nighttime drier rest.
When it comes to using all-natural, genuine cotton fibers, you’ll find you have a lot to choose from, too, when you shop with us. There are so many good reasons why 100% cotton is one of our favorite materials to create with, and this is just one of them. At LazyOne, we’re so much more than our pajamas!

Kids Summer Pajamas

We love everything about them, from how they are made, where the fabric comes from, how we dye the material, and how we are making a positive, joyful impact on families around the globe.
We hope we’ve been able to help our fellow hot-sleepers find a better, more comfortable night’s rest.

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