When it’s time for family photos around the Christmas tree or another special occasion, let your pet join in for a complete portrait of your pawsome tribe! There are tons of ways in which you can incorporate your dog or cat into family pajama photos this year. For every PJ set with matching dog pajamas we offer, here are some fun and out of the box photoshoot ideas to inspire your next family portraits. They’re rated five paws!

Bear Cheeks Onesie Collection

Bear Cheeks

These onesies are beary popular, and for good reason – they look awesome in pictures! This collection features a unique Onesie Flapjack for your four-legged family member. If you have a wooden backyard, have dad hold one of the kids on his shoulders with everyone facing away towards the trees. This will create an un-bear-lievable scenic family portrait that the grandparents will go wild for! If you don’t have a backyard like this, you can easily head to a park for a very similar feel. Click here to see the collection of Bear Cheeks Family Matching Pajamas.

Bear Essentials Onesie Collection

bear essentials.jpg

This collection says “campfire” all over it! Get creative and assemble a faux campfire for the kids to sit around. Give them sticks with marshmallows on the end to really drive home that feel! Dress the family doggie in the Bear Essentials Onesie Flapjack and give them a big bone to hold as if they’re holding it over the campfire like the kids! Click here to see the collection of Bear Essentials Family Matching Pajamas.

Family Bear Collection

Family Bear

This is a great one for mama and papa bear to get in on! Using black or grey sheets, create a cave using the furniture in your living room. When it looks like the perfect den, have your cubs sit in front of it with mom and dad on the sides. Dress the dog in the bandana one Onesie Flapjack and have one of the kids hold them. You can have a photo for smiles, one for silly faces, and even one for growling scary faces! Click here to see the collection of Family Bear Matching Pajamas.

Beary Cool Collection

Beary Cool

This is a fun and trendy collection with stylish colors, and a wonderfully creative hand drawn bear with sunglasses. This collection is great for Christmas Pictures, and thanks to the timeless design, they can be worn year round! Talk about a beary timeless photo op! Click here to see the collection of Beary Cool Family Matching Pajamas.

Ticking Bear Collection

ticking Bear

This is a classic pattern that looks awesome however it’s styled in photos. One awesome photoshoot idea is to incorporate your leather furniture into the mix. Mom and dad sit side by side on the couch, with the kids on either side and Fido in the middle of the parents. Or, have mom sit in an armchair holding one of the children and them holding the family dog. Dad can have the other kids in his arms or standing in front of him. Talk about a beary timeless photo op! Click here to see the collection of Ticking Bear Family Matching Pajamas.

Country Stripe Collection

Country Stripe

This is a super stylish pattern that looks classic however it’s styled in photos. The other great thing about this collection is that the yarn is dyed rather than having the pattern printed on the pjs so they are extra soft and comfy in a way that is unparalleled! Talk about a beary timeless photo op! Click here to see the collection of Country Stripe Family Matching Pajamas.

Sweet Cheeks Onesie Collection


This collection is sugar sweet, perfect for a kitchen family photo. Bring your crew into the kitchen with the kids sitting on the countertop. This is where you can get as creative as you’d like! Have them holding different baking utensils like a whisk, cookie cutters, or a rolling pin. You could also set up a scene in the middle of making gingerbread cookies so everyone is included in the photo! If someone isn’t holding the family pup, make it an even sweeter pic by making it appear like they’re licking cookie dough from the spoon! Click here to see the collection of Sweet Cheeks Family Matching Pajamas.

Lights Out Collection

Pet Matching Pajamas

Lights out because Santa is on his way! Sit as a group among the presents on Christmas Eve so you can capture the excitement your little ones are feeling. Dress pup up in the Lights Out Dog Christmas bandana or onesie and have them sit pretty with the kids. This is another collection where Fido would look perfect with a pair of antlers. Make it even more festive with the Lights Out crew socks with everyone showing the print on the bottom of the foot! Click here to see the collection of Lights Out Family Matching Pajamas.

Moose Caboose Collection

Moose Caboose

This collection is super popular with a flap sporting a moose silhouette that says Moose Caboose! Dress the family doggie in the Buffalo Check Onesie Flapjack or reversible bandana and get some great family matching pictures for Christmas or whenever you want to dress in matching pjs! Click here to see the whole collection of Moose Caboose Family Matching Pajamas.

No Peeking Onesie Collection

No Peeking

Take a few of the kids’ presents outside and sit them against a tree. With the gang dressed in their pajama best, have the kids pose with the presents, shaking them or pretending to tear the paper. If you’d rather an indoor photo op, create the scene by seating everyone with their presents by the Christmas tree. Have the kids cover their eyes and Fido’s too! The real sweetness of the photo will be having the kids open their fingers just a bit so they’re ever so slightly peeking. Click here to see the whole collection of No Peeking Family Matching Pajamas.

Don’t Wake the Bear Collection

Don't Wake The Bear

Ready for the best family photo you guys have taken so far? With the Don’t Wake the Bear PJs, everyone can jump in mom and dad’s bed for this photo op! Have the kids prop their feet up on your headboard to show off their oh-so-scary Paw Slippers. Get Fido to lay on their back in the middle of the kids so its legs are visible in the photo. Mom and dad will be on either side of the kids, showing off their Black Bear Paw Mitts. It’ll look like a real bear den in there with all those beary scary claws being shown! Click here to see the whole collection of Don't Wake the Bear Family Matching Pajamas.

Nordic Moose Collection

Nordic Moose

These PJs feature that classic Christmas red that looks amazing in Christmas card photos. We’re not moosing around when we say you’ll love these PJs! Have everyone line up on your stairs, indoors or out, from tallest to shortest. At the front of the line, have the family dog sit with the ever-so-stylish Nordic Dog Bandana on. Have the kids wear our Moose Critter Caps for that extra layer of cuteness! Make it even more fun with our Fuzzy Feet Slippers or Plush Socks. Hands down, this collection is a moose-have for your annual, family jammie pictures. Click here to see the whole collection of Nordic Moose Family Matching Pajamas.

Nordic Bear Collection

Nordic Bear

In an eye-catching grey, red, and white colorway, our Nordic Bear pajamas are fantastic for indoor or outdoor photoshoots. If you have an outdoor fire pit, you can seat your bear cubs around it with the family pooch in our snazzy Nordic Dog Bandana. For indoors, have the kids sit in front of the fireplace with the White Polar Bear Paw Slipper on. Have the pup sit between the kids or on someone’s lap. Mom and dad can totally get in on the pawsome fun of these pictures, too! Click here to see the whole collection of Nordic Bear Family Matching Pajamas.

Elf Collection

Have Your Elf A Merry Christmas

On Christmas morning, the Elf collection is perfect for that feel-good vibe as the kids open presents and breakfast is cooking. Have the gang pose with their Christmas stockings by the tree or fireplace. Fasten the collection’s bandana around the family doggo so they’re photo-ready when it’s time to get situated. You can also have the kids sit with their unopened presents, or, have them show off their favorite new toy in the family jammie photo. It’s up to you! Click here to see the whole collection of Elf Collection Matching Pajamas.

Lab Collection

Lab Pjs

Whether you own a Labrador or not, your dog can easily be included in your annual family photos with this collection! This is for dog-loving families that really want to show off just how pawsome their pooch is. Have the crew sit together on your bed with all the curtains open for that great natural lighting effect. Call Fido up onto the bed with the Lab Bandana on and have them lay down. Make sure everyone has their Lab Crew Socks on too! A simple, but super sweet photo that you’ll treasure for years to come! Click here to see the whole collection of Lab Family Matching Pajamas.

Moose Plaid Collection


There are tons of possibilities with our Moose Plaid collection. For a totally amoosing photoshoot idea, have your pack get dressed in these PJs for breakfast. That means Fido, too! Use the Red Plaid Oven Mitt, Pot Holder, and Moose Plaid Red Ceramic Mugs in your photo. Now, with a picture-perfect breakfast on the table and everyone’s mugs filled with their favorite holiday beverage, you can capture that super special moment! Have the pup seated next to dad in the photo (unless they’re small enough to be held!). We guarantee you’ll treasure this breakfast portrait forever. Click here to see the whole collection of Moose Plaid Family Matching Pajamas.

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