Are you still trying your best to figure out what you and your family will do for the holidays this year? What about spending Christmas this year in a gorgeous log cabin? Not only is this time the perfect excuse for a mini-vacation before the new year and new challenges you may face begin, but it means you can skip the large, sometimes stressful family gathering and spend more meaningful time with your loved ones.

Matching Family Pajamas - Bear Cheeks

There are many beautiful reasons to go a little extra this holiday season and spend time with loved ones in a log cabin.

Another One Fights The Dust

Say goodbye to having to deep clean everything before the holidays. The extra pressure of trying to pretend like our homes are spotless and perfect and hardly lived in can be tossed out with the snow when you spend time at a cozy log cabin. No frantic running around in dish gloves with soapy water in one hand, duster, polish, mop, and bucket in the other, especially since more log cabins have experienced cleaning staff that makes everything spotless before your arrival and during your stay.

A Fully-Equipped Kitchen Won’t go Bacon Your Heart

Spending the holidays away from home doesn’t mean that you and your family have to give up all the creature comforts or your favorite Christmas recipe traditions.

Mothers and Daughters Cooking

These days, many rental cabins come with spacious kitchens that have many of the same appliances we do at home. Some of them may even be stocked with a basic set of everything needed to cook delicious holiday meals for your family if you want!

Decorations are No Prob-Llama

Depending on where you are and who you rent your log cabin from, you probably won’t have to worry about decorating for Christmas.

Christmas Eve Flapjack Kids

Some cabins may feature sparkling lights, a beautiful tree, garlands, tinsel, and other decorations that will bring a smile to your face and put you in the holiday spirit—all without you having to do the hard work!

Leaf Your Stress Behind with Beautiful Nature

You and your family will be saying “log live the cabin life” with the breath-taking vistas and views of nature all around you. Whether you rent one in a place where the snow gently falls, coating gorgeous pines in frostings of white, or in an area that remains green but lovely all year round—you can’t deny the beauty of being in the middle of nature.

Matching Christmas Sets - Evergreen Plaid

From star-filled nights with a roaring cabin fire to early mornings on a rolling wooden porch with a cup of hot coffee or tea in hand with bird song and the sound of wind through branches, you’ll have a moment of peace and a memory to carry you toward the new year.

Perfect Log Cabin Pajamas

Finding the One-sie for You

A log cabin in the middle of nature, sparkling warm golden Christmas lights, a gorgeous tree—everything about log cabins just say ‘comfortable,’ so this Christmas, skip the formal wear for yourselves and embrace the moose-t have the softness of pajamas! We have a wide variety of exceptional sleepwear designs that were inspired by, modeled after, and created for the flawless log cabin experience.
For a bit of cheeky fun, consider the onesie. Whether it’s a pair for you, for you and the significant other, or the entire family, we’ve got the right set for tree-mendous comfort.

Family Matching Pajamas - No Peeking Flapjacks

The No Peeking! Onesie set for the entire family will have you grinning in no time. In sizes available from 6 months to 2T and 12, to adult size 2XL there’s a No Peeking! Adult onesie that will fit like a warm hug. Premium, 100% cotton, has been combed to remove any impurities, making the fabric even smoother than usual with 2x2 rib fabric and gorgeous contrasting flat-lock sticks ensures these pajamas are bright to look at while being exceptionally durable.
With this sets playful pine trees, green and red, as well as decorated with the moose-tacular faux flap of our adorable moose and No Peeking! Text, this pj set is practically made for Christmas and log cabin fun! And, if that wasn’t enough to convince you to take a chance on these stellar pajamas, we even have a matching set for your pup or puppers too!

Women’s Christmas Log Cabin Moose-t Haves

When it comes to the perfect pajamas for your log cabin Christmas getaway, you’ll forgive us when we say we think our Cabin Moose family pajama set is the ideal choice. Turn yourself from stressed to comfy-dressed and Christmas obsessed by just donning our super soft Sleep Hoodie, and coordinate your style with rustic cabin ambiance in our country-inspired patterns in pale gray, festive red, and darker ash.

Sleep Hoodies

This Christmas, embrace the moment, the self-care and love of the season with your loved ones at a dream log cabin, and the perfect pair of Christmas pajamas for you. At LazyOne, it’s more than just pajamas. It’s the memories and the joy we help bring to families and friends all over the world.