Yes, you read our title correctly. We know, we know—Christmas? Again? And so early? Let’s paint a scenario: it’s the 1st of December, and several things catch up to you at once. Your job or life has kept you so busy that you haven’t broken out the Christmas decorations or purchased any new ones if needed, and you have a limited short window of time to order or shop for gifts because you forgot to start early again!
Furthermore, you know how utterly crowded every store will be, how clogged the mail becomes, and how late packages ordered can be delivered, plus you know that some manufacturers raise prices on just about everything across the board for the holiday shopping season. This does not sound like a very merry Christmas for anyone, and we want to help our LazyOne family not have to face a happy holiday this year.
In the spirit of giving and a happier Christmas, here are some of what we think are our 3 top useful things to do for Christmas in September. Let’s help you avoid being in a don’t-‘moose’-with-me mood this season!

1- Deep Clean Now

There is no doubt enough on your mind and to do once December rolls around and you’re in full swing of Christmas preparations. The last thing you probably want to add to everything is having to deep clean rooms, ovens, the fridge, worry about steam cleaning furniture, carpets, dusting, and so on.
Luckily, if you feel it is a bit overwhelming now, you can break down the deep cleaning tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks by focusing weekly on one room at a time instead of looking at all of it at once. Deep cleaning includes decluttering, which will help not only for future Christmas decorations and décor but also for any fall decorations you may want to put up.
Considering trying to:
• Move furniture to sweep and dust under and behind them.
• Dust the ceilings and walls or wash them if needed, including baseboards
• Dust and clean ceiling fans
• Dust and clean lamps
• Clean out drawers or baskets, declutter shelves
• Wash and clean window treatments if possible or dust and wipe blinds
• Remove furniture cushions to vacuum under them

Cleaning the Oven for Christmas

Remember that it’s not “cheating,” either if you want to make things a lot easier on yourself by using the brush extension on your vacuum for dusting or the bare-floor setting to ‘sweep.’ Want to know another secret shortcut to wash your walls? If the thought makes you feel dread, and you have a spin-mop with a clean mop head, why not wash your walls with the mop instead of by hand? Just make sure your walls and paint are OK with a bit of moisture, and make sure your mop is thoroughly wrung out! If you aren’t sure, always test in a small inconspicuous spot with a small cloth and cleaner of choice to ensure you don’t damage your walls.

2- Start Shopping Now!

You’re probably very familiar by now with how difficult it can be to fit all the holiday shopping you will need to do in a single month, with a single month’s budget. Buying a few essential things early will not only help you from overspending but will help you have far less to remember and stress over during the holidays.
Start now if you are thinking about making handmade Christmas decorations or going for a theme with your decorations. Make a list of everything you need and try and purchase what you need starting in September, all the way through November. You’ll no doubt notice that some prices for specific decorations and items are also lower in September than what they would be closer to Christmas.

Tips on What to Shop for in September to Make the Holidays Easier:

• Family photo worthy Christmas pajamas.

If taking a family photo in fun or themed Christmas pajamas are a tradition in your house, you might want to start looking for them and even purchase them now. Anyone who’s ever had to order something last minute online knows how unpredictable the delivery times can be.

family pajamas

Often, many websites will tell you when is the latest you can order so that it arrives before Christmas. Some do not. Even so, there’s no way to truly predict if your holiday family pajamas will come on a guaranteed date. Plus, if you have a larger family, the some of the sizes might sell out by the time you decide to buy if you wait too long!

• Batteries.

We know you’re going to need batteries! Whether it is to power, your portable LED lights, LED faux candles, unique light-up decorations, tree ornaments, or due to presents opened on Christmas day and realizing you or your kids can’t play with the new toy because it has no batteries.

• Get your stocking stuffers ahead of time!

Getting the little items that you know they’ll love that makes them laugh, smile, or just know that you are thinking about them beforehand is one less thing to worry about before Christmas. Get Dad a hilarious apron, Mom an adorable mug, oven mitts, or hot pads, get them a handy sticky pad or cute notebook, a charming keychain, or even a Christmas morning Sherpa throw blanket as an ultimate first gift!

Funny Boxers

Don’t forget the family pet or the pets of your loved ones when it comes to stocking stuffers with gorgeous dog bandanas, hilarious flapjack onesies, and dog toys they’re bound to love.

• Start ordering those extra canned goods for food drives.

If you donate canned goods during the holiday season for the food drive, buy a few extra non-perishables each week to create a fantastic basket to donate for the holidays.

3- Christmas Family Photo

Speaking of traditions and family photos, if you’re looking to book a professional holiday-themed photo to celebrate Christmas, you’ll want to book them now before it’s too late. Professional photographers’ spots and schedules fill up quickly and are often entirely booked once November/December comes around.


Christmas should always be about family, friends, loved ones near and far. This holiday season, LazyOne wants you to have the best Christmas yet, by giving you our best tips and tricks to make it less harried and overwhelming. This year, we hope to make your December all the more merry and bright with these 3 top useful things to do for Christmas in September.