When you’re searching for new traditions to add to this year’s Hanukkah festivities, there are so many activities you can introduce to the kids for a family centered eight days.

Hanukkah Family Traditions

At LazyOne, we’re all about family time, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite activities that can become yearly Hanukkah traditions with your spouse and children. It’s important to remember the original traditions, and you can integrate these 4 activities to make the Hanukkah holiday even more memorable for your family.

1- Yearly Hanukkah Book

Do the kids love to listen to you read to them before bed? If so, it’s a wonderful idea to pick up a new book or two to read over the eight days of Hanukkah. Maybe you have a favorite from childhood that you can read to the kids. There are also a variety of new Hanukkah children’s books released yearly that may feel more relevant and engaging for your children.

Hanukkah Family Fun

For your older kids, there are also great YA books that touch on the meaning of Hanukkah. Get more out of this tradition by making it a larger conversation. Ask your kids about their favorite parts of the chosen book(s) and why. This will help them understand more about Hanukkah and why the family celebrates it. Here’s a great list of children’s books about Hanukkah to get your search started.

2- Matching Family Pajamas

As the family celebrates Hanukkah while lighting the menorah, making latkes, and playing with spinning dreidels, what better what to highlight the fun than with matching family pajamas? At LazyOne, our Happy Hanukkah Pajamas are absolutely perfect for infant, kids, mom, and dad!

Hanukkah family pajamas

Designed with a bright and joyous alternating pattern of menorahs, the Star of David, dreidels, and more, these family jammies will help create tons of memories this Hanukkah! After the day’s Hanukkah activities are over, you can all cuddle up together on the couch in your warm and cozy matching PJs.

3- Hanukkah Themed Cookies

Bring the kids into the kitchen to help whip up some Hanukkah themed cookies this year! You can find cookie cutters in the shape of dreidels, menorahs, the Torah, and even the Star of David. Have the kids help from start to finish and allow them to decorate the cookies in their own way. They can show off their professional decorating skills while you snap a few candid shots of the fun. Check out these Hanukkah themed cookie cutters.

Hanukkah Kid Pajamas

4- Hanukkah Family Photos

What can you do with the previously mentioned traditions? Create the perfect family photo opportunity! With your matching family pajamas and socks, you can capture the feelings of joy and excitement during Hanukkah with just a little planning. Whether you have the family pose by the family menorah, in the kitchen baking some delicious treats, or even simply sitting together on the couch, you can make this family photo as creative as you’d like. The best thing about taking the time to take these is that they can be used in cards to family members. Year and year, you can look back on them to watch your kids grow up!

Hanukkah Family Pajama Pictures

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can add new traditions to your Hanukkah festivities this year. Activities like these can make the whole family few included, from reading together to decorating yummy Hanukkah cookies. Through the eight days of Hanukkah, take photos and videos to remember the precious moments by. You’ll have the special opportunity to look back years later at all the memories you created with your kids. The new traditions you integrate may become those that your kids choose to pass down to theirs in the future!