The holidays are a time of family togetherness, fun, and a little stress mixed in for good holiday measure. If you are the Mom with the Most (Christmas cheer, that is), then you need a few ideas to make this season even more fun and Instagram famous than last year. Let these Christmas family traditions make your season bright and merry!

1- Thanksgiving night PJ exchange

An easy way to start the season is to give the kids or your beloved spouse a new pair of holiday pajamas on Thanksgiving night after the big feast.

Matching family pajamas 2

This can also be a fun alternative to the traditional after-dinner fat pants since pajamas are so comfy and stretchy! Make sure you wrap a new pair of Christmas jammies for yourself because you will definitely thank yourself for being so thoughtful with such a cozy gift.

2- Matching family PJ pics

If wrapping PJs and stuffing a turkey on the same day is just too much going on, you can still give cozy Family Christmas Pajamas after all your leftovers are eaten and Black Friday is over.


The best way to spread holiday cheer in the home is with matching jammies. From cute gumdrops and gingerbread cookie prints to bear prints to help you hibernate at home for the season, matching PJs are a must-have tradition for your festive tribe. Gather them up for some family photos to make everyone on your Insta jealous.

3- Christmas Eve book exchange

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a kid was stirring because they were quietly reading so mom could relax. One of the best ways to get some quiet jolly time this season is with a Christmas Eve book exchange.


You can either give the little ones books to read and have them swap books with one another so they each read more than one book because it gives you even more quiet time to drink some eggnog in peace, or you can have the kids pick out books for each other as a present they open on Christmas Eve. Regardless of how you do it, this is a great tradition for a little quiet time for kids of all ages.

4- 25 acts of kindness

A great way to make Christmas special is to think of others during the holiday season. Whether you do this with your kids, your spouse, or on your own, doing 25 acts of kindness is a great way to countdown to the big day and create your own Christmas family traditions.

shoveling snow.jpg

From shoveling a neighbor’s driveway as a surprise to sending holiday cards to a local hospital or nursing home, this is one tradition you will feel good about over the years. Best of all, the whole family can join in and take turns doing the daily act of kindness or you can plan a daily event together.

5- Create a family holiday bucket list together

There is so much to do during the festive season that it can quickly become overwhelming. Take the headache out of Christmas with a planned holiday bucket list created by the whole family! If you sit down as a family and make a bucket list of things you want to do, it will make it easier to plan and it can become a fun family tradition.

6- Charity garage sale

When most parents think of Christmas, they think of all the toys their little one already has and dreams of clutter dance in their heads.

Toy Garage Sale

Don’t be a Grinch and forgo toys this year to avoid being crushed by toy clutter but rather make a new family tradition of hosting a holiday charity garage sale. You can sell last year’s toys in a garage sale and donate the money to charity which will help your kids understand the true meaning of the holiday. You can even bake cookies and have a hot chocolate stand to help raise some extra money for the charity your family is supporting.

7- Bake cookies

Sometimes the simplest traditions are simply the best traditions! Baking holiday cookies is a favorite for so many reasons. For starters, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to do it or fight the holiday hoards out in public.

bake cookies.jpg

If you need more reasons why this is a great tradition to start with your family, not wearing real pants and eating the freshly baked cookies in your PJs with your little elves should be enough incentive.

8- Go Christmas caroling

This is a less common but still fun tradition that should really make a comeback. Take your little ones around the neighborhood to sing Christmas carols to your neighbors. If nothing else, it will get them out of the house long enough for your spouse to play Santa and wrap the presents unnoticed.

9- Slumber party by the tree

Is there anything more peaceful and beautiful than enjoying the warm glow of the tree at night?

Slumber Party Under the Christmas Tree

Probably not, especially when you let your little ones sleep by the tree. A tree slumber party night is a fun way to let them fall asleep amid the glow of the tree. Just make sure this tradition isn’t done on Christmas Eve so Santa doesn’t run into serious trouble!