Halloween is “creeping” right up, so it’s time to consider costumes for the whole family! With some basic props and a few Lazy One products, it’s easy to pull together fun (and simple!) costumes. Best of all, once Halloween is through, your Lazy One items can be enjoyed all year ‘round! If you’re on the prowl for a good costume this October, here are several “spook-tacular” ideas. We've collected a few fun ideas and compiled them all in our Halloween Pajama Collection. Below, you'll find the ideas explained:

1- The Lumberjack: This costume is as easy as falling off a log! With LazyOne's Lumberjack Infant Creeper Onesie, a Red Plaid Bomber Cap, some jeans and a toy ax, your little one quickly transforms into an adorable little lumberjack.


2- Crazy Cat Lady: Grab your favorite comfy nightshirt, some Fuzzy Feet slippers, a warm cardigan, and some classic “grandma” accessories, and you’ve got a costume that’s the cat’s meow!


3- Dinosaur: No bones about it, dinosaur costumes always make history! Create an easy Dino costume with a bit of face paint, a Dino Critter Cap, a green dino tail, Dino Paw Slippers, and Dino Paw Mitts and let the world hear you roar!


4- Baby Bear: Nothing’s better than a bear hug, especially from your favorite trick-or-treater. Make a simple bear costume from a Bear Critter Cap, a Baby Bear Infant Onesie Flapjack, and some Bear Paw Slippers and Mitts!


5- Scarecrow: With some straw, Bear Cheek Flapjacks, a pair of overalls, a straw hat, and some Toasty Toez, you can have a real field day with this delightful scarecrow costume!


6- 80s Fitness Guru: Rock out with this totally tubular costume! All you need are some infant leggings, an infant creeper, a little boombox, and some strands of gnarly beads, and you’re ready for one rad Halloween.


7- Werewolf Pup: Happy “howl” oween! Create a warm Werewolf Pup costume with a Wolf Critter Cap, Paw Slippers, Paw Mitts and some Flapjacks and jeans dressed up with tufts of hair!


Costumes don’t need to be complicated or expensive to be memorable and fun. With just a few key items and a little imagination, you’ll be all tricked out for a fun Halloween this year!