Mothers definitely deserve special recognition and gratitude for all of the selfless service they give to their families, day in and day out (and day in and day out, and day in . . .). So what are you doing this year for the special mom in your life?

There are commercials a-plenty that suggest gifts such as perfume, cards, chocolates, and other nice items. Pampering Mom is always a good idea, and Lazy One has super-soft, Sherpa fleece bathrobes, comfy PJs, and funny nightshirts to help her lounge in luxury. But in addition to giving her “things,” here are some other ideas to help Mom feel your love this year!

  1. A Clean House: It’s no secret that moms love a clean house! Perhaps the kids could do a deep clean while Mom is sequestered peacefully in her room? There are even professional cleaners you can hire to knock out the bigger projects on Mom’s to-do list!
  2. A Spa Day: Getting out of the house for a little TLC is often hard for Mom. Carve some time for her to go and be pampered by the pros—it will be good for her soul and feel like a mini-vacation!
mom spa day

3. A Clean Car: A mother’s car is often a cluttered car, thanks to those much-loved-but-often-messy children! Toys, wrappers, crumbs (and heaven forbid the lost sippy cup of spoiled milk!) can easily take over a busy mom’s vehicle. A good, thorough car wash and detail is a breath of fresh air for a mom on the go.

Cleaning Car

4. A Special Dinner: You can’t go wrong with thoughtful dinner plans—and you don’t even need to eat out! Have the kids plan and prepare (with your help!) a nice meal that includes all of Mom’s favorite foods. Then dress up the dining room and serve Mom by candlelight!

5. Gifts From the Heart: Kids grow up so fast, and homemade gifts and sincere love notes become treasured keepsakes as the years go by. So whip out the crayons and construction paper and let your love for Mom be known! Dads could even print a list of questions for kids to answer about their mom, and little children can always draw pictures. The possibilities are endless…

Craft Picture

Whether you choose the perfect gift or decide to serve Mom this year is, of course, dependent on what she’d like best! The bottom line is to make sure your mother knows how much she is loved and appreciated. So celebrate the honorable role of motherhood this year! As Abraham Lincoln said: “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”