Ahhhh, summer—the season of family reunions and summer camps! And with so much fun at stake, your experience is only as good as your preparation. Of course, you’ll plan on packing the essentials (bug repellent, sunscreen, sleeping bag, and other camp requirements), but there are lots of “little” items that can make a big difference as you head off for adventure! Here are 6 items that you'll want to add to your list!

  1. Journal: Camps are chock-full of good-memory- making, and your camper will want to remember as many details as possible! So they should keep a journal handy and jot down a few thoughts every night before bed. These memories will be precious in years to come!

2. Pajamas: Pajamas are crucial at summer camp, as there’s a lot of socializing that happens well after bedtime! Having fun and comfy PJs is a must-have for camping kids—especially in cooler mountain temperatures.


3. Simple Games: Generally speaking, camps have lots of downtime. Having simple games at the ready is a great way to make friends! So pack some dice, a deck of cards, or even some mad libs—they don’t take up much room but provide plenty of on-the-spot fun.

4. Headlamp: Just a “heads-up” about headlamps! Flashlights are all very well and good, but…. hands have to hold them! A good headlamp is a great alternative. Not only do they leave hands free, the new LED style have batteries that can last all summer long!


5. Postage and Self-Addressed Envelopes: Encourage your camper to write home—the old fashioned way! Let them discover the thrill of sending and receiving letters. And when a camping kid meets a new BFF at camp, they can hand over a few self-addressed envelopes and be all set to continue a fun pen-pal relationship!

6. Treats and Snacks: Pre-packaged treats and snacks are always a good idea, whether sharing a snack with a bunkmate or making a friendly wager during those card games. Food and fun go hand-in-hand, at camp or wherever you are!

So there you have it—Lazy One’s top six picks for summer camp items you might not have on your regular checklist. Have a fun and safe season of memory making!