It’s back-to-school time! already! Who would have thought that we would still be dealing with Covid-19 and that we'd need to make our plans with so many factors to balance! Whether you're sending your kids to the classroom, or setting up a home based classroom, your kids need some preparation to be ready for learning! Here are some suggestions we have during this crazy time!

1- The Homework/Classroom Area

Prepare a dedicated homework space or classroom area in your home, far away from TVs and other noisy distractions.

Homework Area

Focusing on schoolwork can be a challenge, so try to eliminate possible hurdles right from the get-go! Reserve a nice little study area filled with paper, sharpened pencils, a laptop or other device, and other supplies so your child can get through their work quickly.

2- The Power of Sleep

According to academic research, children who get a good night’s sleep consistently perform better in math and other subjects that require focus and concentration.

sleep in Pajamas

Establish a bedtime routine that includes keeping screens out of kids’ bedrooms! And dare we suggest that comfy pajamas can improve sleep quality? (Yes, we dare!)

3- The Hearty Breakfast

Hungry kids have a hard time focusing in school, and lunchtime can seem an eternity away.

good breakfast

This is still important if your kids are learning from home because hungry kids will be distracted, and constantly want to wander away to snack. Plus, having a consistent morning routine will help bring a sense of structure to the school day.

4- The Before-School Field Trip or school day walk-through

Starting any new school year can be scary. This year, there is a lot of additional uncertainty, so we recommend that you help your kids get comfortable with what to expect by doing a walk-through of what a typical day might look like.

Kid taking tour of classroom

Go to the school during back to school night if you are going back to the classroom, and if you are at home, see if there is an online back to school event that will help your kids get familiar with the process of online learning.

5- Shopping for School Clothes

Getting new school clothes is a tradition we fully support, even if you are staying at home. In fact, if you are at home...maybe your school uniforms can be super comfy kids pajamas? Just sayin'. You may live in an area where it is hard to go with your kids to the store in person.

shopping for school clothes 0803

That is totally fine! Keep the tradition alive by gathering together in front of the family computer and searching the hundreds of online retailers who can help make the shopping experience fun. It has never been easier to shop for school clothes as it is now. Take advantage of this fun tradition, and help your kids start the year off fresh!

It’s a time of great anticipation, with a fresh start and shiny, new possibilities ahead! We wish you and yours a very successful year filled with lots of learning, fabulous friendships, and experiences that will become cherished memories in the years to come!