Spa Slippers

Fashionable, flip-floppy and fun, our Spa Slippers are the perfect loafers for the “loafers” in your life! With a thick, cushy sole, soft fabric and fringe, Spa Slippers provide convenient comfort and are the perfect way to pamper your pads. Available in twenty five of our best-selling pajama styles.

Say "goodnight" in a flirty sleep shirt! Our new v-neck style has a feminine, tapered cut, a shorter sleeve than our regular nightshirt and features a splash of contrasting color inside the neck. Made from 100% combed cotton for ultimate comfort.
Kitchen Stuff

Mix up some food, fashion, and fun in the kitchen with our new kitchen items! We have oven mitts, hot pads, aprons, and more! Yup – when it comes to adding just the right amount of spice, LazyOne caters to every cook!
Kids Books & Pajamas

Cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly … there are certain classic combos that every kid knows. And jammies and stories are at the top of the list! That’s why LazyOne offers soft and stylish pajama sets with coordinating bedtime stories. Yup – our original characters spring to life from PJ to page in four heartwarming adventures. Your little one will enjoy reading the adventures while wearing matching jammies! Each book is sold separately from the pajamas.